Pump at Shell and enjoy free gifts this New Year from 9 Jan - 28 Feb 2017!

Traditionally, households perform a thorough spring clean to drive away the bad luck and welcome the “福” or good fortune. You can do the same for your car by giving it a fresh start when you fill up with Shell V-Power Nitro+. As our best performance fuel for your car, Shell V-Power Nitro+ contains a unique double action formula to help deliver more power to the wheels†, and keep your engine feeling like new*. Join us as we celebrate the new year, with more prosperity, and something for both you and your car.

Promotion Mechanics:
From 9 January to 28 February 2017, receive 1 sticker for every $30 gross fuel spend at Shell. Collect 10 stickers to redeem one of the gifts below (from left to right):
- New Moon Canola Cooking Oil
- New Moon Premium Fragrant Rice
- Free Shell HandWash with SONAX voucher^

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